Renate Czarwinski

Renate-CzarwinskiRenate Czarwinski began her career in Health Physics in 1971 with the study of Experimental Physics and Radiation Protection Physics at Technical University of Dresden, finalized in 1975. After an industrial mission she moved to the National Board for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection in Berlin in 1977. In 1996 Ms Czarwinski was appointed as Head of Radiation Protection at Workplaces Section in the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz BfS). From 2007 Ms Czarwinski is Head of Radiation Safety and Monitoring Section of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna. Her responsibilities included the revision and implementation of the International Basic Safety Standards for Protection against Ionizing Radiation and Safety of Radiation Sources. Having completed her duties in Vienna, she returned in 2012 to the German Federal Regulatory Body, BfS. Throughout her career Ms Czarwinski has been active in research activities related to radiation physics and in practical and regulatory activities related to radiation protection. She has published and lectured widely. Since 2004 she is Member of the Executive Council of the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA) and was elected as Vice President of IRPA in 2008. In May 2012 she was elected as President of IRPA.

Since 1995 Ms Czarwinski is member of the editorial committee and subeditor of journal “StrahlenschutzPRAXIS” and since 2007 she is International Editorial Advisor to the Journal of Radiological Protection.